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Duration: 16 Sessions: 2 Hours each (Total 32 hours)
Course Description: 

Fiber Optic Communications Systems
Sampling and Nyquist in PCM, time division multiple access (TDMA), line coding and bit-cock regeneration, fiber optic transmission, PCM-TDM ‘T1’ implementation, fiber optic bi-directional communication, wave division multiplexing (WDM), optical losses and etc.

Analog & Digital Telecommunications
The course focuses on digital and analog communications fundamentals: Carrier acquisition using PLL Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), amplitude Modulation (AM), binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK), under-sampling in Software Defined Radio, double Side Band (DSB), pulse Code Modulation (PCM), frequency Synthesis with PLL, inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) and etc.