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Duration: 12 Sessions: 2 Hours each (Total 24 hours)
Course Description: 

Robotics Lab
Control of the motors using the NI sbRIO platform, control of the manipulator with four degrees of freedom, оmnidirectional wheels, ability to carry out measurements from the different sensors.

NI Vision
Laboratory stand designed for learning the fundamentals of machine vision systems. The basis of the stand is a smart camera NI Smart Camera, which allows students to interactively collect video images and their processing.

Mobile Robotics Experiments with DaNI
The experiments described herein show how to communicate between a host computer and a robot, how robots communicate with sensors to obtain data from the robot’s environment, how to implement algorithms for localization and planning in LabVIEW software, how the robot communicates with actuators to control sensor motion and driving motion, how to implement algorithms for controlling sensor and motion.