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ANEL Summer School 2017 Final

The "Engineering and Innovation" Summer School 2017 organized by ANEL was finalized  on 04 of August. Different students from different Universities were involved in this interesting event. During the month, all participants were united for the exchange of experience and to gain new knowledge, skills and contacts. Since the classes were very interesting and exciting, the participants were spending the whole day at ANEL in spite of vacation time.

The Summer School stimulated participants to think creative, to generate new innovative ideas of products and services.

The new tools and knowledge were obtained during the seminars gave possibility to quickly bring idea into the life. They started to think widely, developed strategic thinking for idea realization.

As a result, the ideas had an engineering implementation as well as commercialization.

The end of Summer School is a new exciting path for the participants full of great implementations. We wish success to all of them.