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“Interesting Circuit Design” master class for student of “Mkhitar Sebastaci” Educational Complex

On January 24, 7th and 8th grade gifted students of “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex within accompany of teachers visited Armenian National Engineering laboratories (ANEL) of Armenian National Polytechnic University (NPUA). The aim of the visit was to get acquainted with modern professions and to learn to work with different equipment. During the tour, the children get acquainted with the laboratory stands, the projects prepared by students as well as try to apply the theoretical knowledges gained at school within the "Circuit Design" master class. During the class, the students get acquainted with some of the major electrical elements, functions and conventional marks. With the help of educational engineers, they design and tested the simplest electric circuits.

The event caused great interest to engineering subjects especially "circuit design" within students.

The event was organized within framework of the “Professional Orientation” program by ANEL.